Since women don’t like to big and bulkier like men do, they would prefer leaner muscle gain, Anavar is the best option to use and get smaller muscle gains. The side effects of Anavar are less compared to other potent steroids which are used for muscle gain and shredding fat.

Benefits of Anavar for women 

  • Getting lean muscle gains through Anavar is far more appealing to women than losing all the fat in the breast and and buttock region. Anavar will retain feminine structure of the user but giving a toned look. All the flab and cellulite of the body is trimmed out giving you a more defined body. A taut figure with washboard abs and toned arms and legs along with a firmer butt is a dream come true for every women.
  • When all the bulkiness and flab are shed off by the use of Anavar you will notice that the person becomes more agile and has more energy to to do things. The body will have more strength and endurance than ever before.
  • More strenuous workouts are now possible as the user can have more boost in energy and strength. The workouts don’t seem burdensome anymore as the body is lighter and has more endurance to exercise for a longer period of time.
  • The cardiovascular strength is gained with use of Oxandrolone dosage cycle pour femme as more oxygen reaches the blood and gives all the muscles in the body especially the heart to pump more blood effectively.

Anavar cycles for women- a know how

Anavar dosage 

It is usually taken during the cutting cycle. It is best to start with a low dosage of 10mg which will not cause for much side effect till the body gets used to the drug. This dosage for beginners is quite sufficient to see significant changes and works well for quite a lot of women, but those who have been using Anavar for a long time may have increased their dosage level of those who are professional bodybuilders or athletes make take a slightly higher dosage.

Checking your body’s reaction to the drug is important as it will provide you with how the body is gaining benefit from the use of the drug and whether a increase in the dosage is required or not. More than 20mg will definitely cause side effects and most common of them is virilisation.

Cycles of Anavar 

The Anavar cycle is about six weeks which needs a break of four weeks before you begin the next cycle. It is important to bring back your body functioning to normalcy after the continuous use of Anavar. Without which the body may not recover or also tolerant to the steroid. Female athletes may take it the whole year round but there should be breaks of eight to ten weeks for the body to recuperate.

Side effects of Anavar are 

Virilisation as mentioned is the most common side effect along with male patterned baldness. Hair growth all over the body which is a male characteristic especially facial hair enlargement of the clitoris, deepening of the vocal chords and prominent jaw lines and hardened facial structure.

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