Body chains are in fashion and there would be no one who would not want to try these. You can flaunt your physique with these. A gold body chain is not just looking beautiful, but classy and astonishing too!

Why choose gold body chain?

Gold body chains are in fashion and they go very well with any outfit – be it traditional or western. They look so bright and are eye catching. They highlight your complexion and make you look classy. You can choose from the various designs as per your requirement. It is a colour that would suit any complexion and can go well with any attire. Just by adding a simple gold chain, you can change your look from formal to party or from classy.

Types of gold body chains:

There are different types and designs of gold chains available. Whatever you buy, try to club it with black which makes it more attractive.Here are some types of body chains:

  1. Single line body chain: This is the simplest one and is worn around the neck and approaches till your bust line. Basically it highlights your low necklines.The bust size of these chains will be adjustable.
  2. Multi- layered body chain: The multi layers of this type of a body chain will turn you into party ready. Just match them with any plain normal outfit and get compliments on your body, especially if you are wearing a body chain from neck to waist. Multi layered body chains start with as low as 2 chain layers also which will be simple and can be worn on a swim suit or a bikini.
  3. Waist body chain: Have you got buttocks in excellent shape. Then try these waist body chains that accentuate your waist and buttocks. These can be just like chains around the waist or like a skirt around the waist.
  4. Necklace style body chain: As the name says, this is body chain that highlights the necklace. They look like a shrug and give a vintage look. You can club them with almost anything.

Choosing a body chain as per your style:

  1. A delicate body chain: Suitable for those who would like to try the body chains but can’t get bold. A delicate gold or rose gold body chain worn under your camisole is an easy way to be stylish and trendy.
  2. Bling: Add a bling to your gold body chain are a perfect way to look grand. Just add one of these on your regular wear and you are party ready in a classy way.
  3. Body Harness body chains: Adding a body harness gold body chain jewelry to your sheer top is a way to be trendy and look elegant.
  4. Back body chains: Be bold and let your back do the talking and add some drama when you wear a back body chain. Either tie up your hair or have them in the front not to cover up the easy styling. A harness body chain can also be used to the magic if you do not have a back body chain.
  5. Shoulder chains: Accentuate your shoulders and make them look classy with gold shoulder body chains. These can be simple or have tassels that move as you move making you look more classy.
  6. Looking to highlight your bikini top? A vintage bikini top body chain in gold and some glitter work and tassels will do a lot of magic. This would just sit on your body to form the cups. You can even wear this under your off shoulder top and slightly reveal its beauty.
  7. Do not forget your thighs while dressing up your body. You have boy chains in gold to accentuate the look of your things.

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