Brassiere or more likely that to be known as bra, is a designed undergarment that provides comfort and support to women’s breasts. It is a common phenomenon that most of us are unable to decide the right kind of bra that fits women well. Most of the Indian women are less aware that there is more than just one type of bra. Buying the right kind of bra with the right fit can be a difficult task to do. Whether one has to buy bra online or panties online, the decision is a tough one. Here is a complied list that mentions some of the very basic common mistakes that Indian women make while shopping for bras:

  1. Determining the bra size “the wrong way”:

While Indian women decide to shop for the bras, chances are that they will most of the time end up choosing the bra size that is one inch or few centimeters smaller. Most of the women determine the bra size by cup measurements, which just don’t work in each and every case. It is important that before purchasing the bra, the measurements should be taken into consideration so that the right fit can be found. The same theory applies when one has to buy bra online.

  1. The possibility of setting up on wrong hooks:

Just as much as it sounds like a common mistake, some women decide to purchase bra by fitting and trying the bra on the loosest or the first hook, which is practically wrong to do. While shopping for the right kind of bra, always set the hook on the end ones. That is the correct way of determining whether the fitting of the bra is right or not.


  1. Not knowing which bra goes with what outfit:

There are different kinds of bras- the seamless bras, the padded bras, strapless bras, crosswire bras, backless bras and T-shirt bras. But a lot of women stick to buying pointy bras that just look absurd and weird when worn continuously with different outfits. Remember to select which kind of bra would go with which outfit.

  1. Settling for just one, not more than that:

This is yet another mistake that women make while bra shopping. Women think that it is perfect to shop and buy just one bra and then it’s good to go. Sadly, it is a wrong decision. Seek different types of bras.

  1. Underwire, a myth:

It is a common myth among many women that underwire bras are pretty uncomfortable and causes breast cancer, which is false. Underwire bras are just as comfortable as any other bra. Plus, underwire bras are super supportive and easy to find in stores.

  1. Always buying the same size:

Sizes for bras differ with different brands and different types. It is not necessary that the same fit would go for every bra purchased. Remember to check, measure and try the bra if different brand or type of bra is being taken into consideration.

  1. Going with just “one” style:

Discovery is the term here. Look for different styles. Just don’t stick with only one kind of bra. There is so much more than a sports bra and common bras. The style is fun, so go around and look for different bra styles.

  1. Strapless and regular bras- there is a difference in both:

Yes, it’s true. Strapless bras are different than regular bras with respect to measurement, fit, and style. Strapless bras are also more supportive and easy to wear than a regular bra.

Well, it can be assumed that making mistakes while shopping for bras can be a common phenomenon. The pointers above will surely be helpful in determining the right kind of bra, or even if one has to buy bra online.

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