When designing a look for a wedding, the biggest challenge we designers face is how to complete the whole look with the right synchronisation. It is necessary to strike the right balance when you are thinking of making the look perfect for the wedding. If you are thinking that designing a wedding gown is enough then you are mistaken. Designing the look is certainly more than that. And it can only be complete with some stunning bridesmaid dresses.

Bridesmaid dresses are not just meant to deck up the team of your best girls, they are supposed to complement your look too. When you are thinking of planning a look for your wedding that will be remembered by all your guests, then it is necessary that you pay close attention to the dresses that the bridesmaids are going to don. Or you should trust us, the designers, as we can achieve such symmetry in the look with proper planning and execution.

Are you wondering how we create the magnificent symphony of the looks of a bride and her bridesmaids? Take a look at the following points to know.

Choosing the Material

While choosing the material for the dress, we think about the material for the wedding gown too. If the wedding gown is a classic or a vintage one, then I love to design cheap bridesmaid dresses in lace. Lace is an elegant fabric; this traditional fabric has become very popular as there are many celebs who have sported it on red carpet and ramps recently If the wedding gown is an elaborate dramatic one, made of tulle, net, and chiffon, then the bridesmaid dresses also should be easy breezy. For that chiffon is the perfect material. To add a touch of drama, a hint of sheer illusion can work like wonder.

Picking the Colour Palette

Generally, the wedding gown is always in white. But that doesn’t mean that teaming up any complementary shade will do the trick. In this case, the theme of wedding plays a crucial role. Depending on the theme and the setting, we designers choose the shades for the bridesmaid dresses. Needless to say, the factor of matching it with the pristine white of wedding gown remains constant. So, if the wedding is set in a formal environment then grey, silver, blue and even red can be your choice of shades. For a wedding set in any garden or beach, lighter shades like coral, mauve or mint can give the magical touch.

The Edge of Cuts and Sleeves

Now comes another crucial part of designing dresses for bridesmaids. It is actually fun to play with different cuts, lengths, and sleeves. Obviously, here too, the two factors, the wedding gown, and the theme play a vital role in the selection. If the bride is choosing an off shoulder dress for herself, then opting for convertible dresses for her bridesmaids can be a good choice. If the wedding is a formal one, high neckline and tea length hemline will be perfect for the girl gang. For an edgy look, one shoulder or off shoulder can be chosen too. For a formal wedding in church or hall, floor sweeping gowns will be perfect. Shorter or asymmetrical hemline can perk up the glam quotient rightly for garden or beach weddings.

So, now as you know how this magical unison can be created, what are you waiting for? Use these ideas and consult your designer. I am sure the result will be delightful for you and your gang of girls.

Author Bio – Rita Hendricks is a famous blogger and fashion designer. She is a specialist designer of cheap bridesmaid dresses. Read her blogs for inspiring ideas.

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