The desire to have things and exactly the material things around us and with us is the most natural instinct that is evident everywhere. The people are freakish to possess anything and everything that is seen on the earth. The frenzied attitude of possession and its obsession in the worst possible way is on display at large everywhere.

The count of the things to have is just endless. The motto of the life is a bit transformed by such wishes of people. There is never an end to the list of the things one want in life. This fact goes without any compromise and undisputed. The stature of people even does not hinder this irresistible will of accumulating the things. The only way to have is just to acquire by any means what you want and please never take any heed of you need. Need is never generated because the sufficiency of being satisfied is never reached and hence whatever one sees one starts craving to have them. The needing of things is a thing of past. The ambitions of owning a material thing crop up highly and intensely. This where the ‘shopping way’ is grabbed and pursued. The treasury of shopped items increases continuously.

The incessant rash of gathering things comes to your mind at any shop and store. The place is just trivial and the needs are supreme. All you have is just not enough is the statement that starts guiding you. The proper societal standards are too taken care of. As a result we move to places of highly suave considered brands. The deemed notion is that the more you spend the more elite you are. The more the big the shop is the more the societal awe. Hardly do we realize that the stigma has overtaken us.

The fallacy drives our life falsely. The people realize that to create an impression one should own more materially. This is the school of mindset that leads them now-a-days. The consumerism is on soaring heights, much to the escalated delight of the retailers. The loot through shopping continues unabated. The public want stuffs the retailers and the sharp minds create the concealed strategy to trap them. The prices are limitless but so is the income of the individuals. People just don’t hesitate to fritter their hard earned bucks at any retail cloth shop.

The grocery stores and the fast moving consumer goods are too taking the big attention of the people. Every merchandise is booming and thriving the easy way with being pampered by the duped consumers. Whatever is on the sell is also immediately absorbed by the purchase. The goals of life are being distorted in a big way with such a consumerist culture on scene. The ultimate objective of life has been reduced to shop more and shine more in every walk of life. Hail shop maniacs for a while at least to see the results later.



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