In India clothing and style will vary based on geographical location and climate, ethnicity and traditions. Outfits have however evolved from the loincloths and langotas which were simple to more elaborate and trendier styles. Girls of Indian origin are modest in their dressing from sixteen to those above twenties. They therefore have a range of outfits and styles to choose from. Outlined below are five such outfits.

Salwar Kameez

This outfit is made of cotton and has pants that are loose and a top that is calf in length. The modern SalwarKameez is tight and has a cinched waist that compliments the girls figure. This style tightens downwards and flares out near the knees almost resembling bell-bottoms worn in the 70s. The modern tops however, are shorter and will cover only the torso. These SalwerKameez suits are available in most online stores and with a Jabong coupon; one can enjoy a great deal of discount. 25% discount on average can be enjoyed through offers and coupon codes from Jabong online store.


Patiala Salwar 

This outfit also refered to as PattianWaleeSalwar, has trousers made for females and it originated in Patiala city. Previously worn by men but has now been transformed stylishly with cuts to become Patiala Salwar.

It is comfortable in summer due to the stitched pleats and loose fitting nature and is also prefered for its durability. The stitched folds meet at the bottom acquiring a draping look outcome.
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This is a style brought to the fashion world of India recently. It has a top that is frock like and is long, the Salwar is slim like a pair of leggings. It got pleats that are large circling the leg and can be made long or short. This suit has hit the market with a bang and the style has become so desirable to the girls.


A kurti is a tunic top that is suitable for formal or casual wear. This is a classy and elegant tunic that fits loosely and is popularly won with jeans trousers or a bottom that matches. It is snug fitting and its length can vary from the waist all the way to the hemline. They can be colorful or with print, depending on the wearers choice and preference. They are sold in various online stores.

Salwar (punjabi) Suit 

This is a traditional outfit that has lively colors, embroidery and is made of high quality rich material. It is made up of a top, bottom and a scarf. The outfit is a combination of Saralkishalwar and Patiala Shawar. This is an outfit that is favored even beyond India and is even considered as official wear in some government offices.

In the recent past the punjabi suit has been made trendier and stylish and of quality and It is availed in different online stores for purchase at discounted rates.

Fashion evolves as everything else does and India’s girl wear is no different, but it has maintained its flare, comfortability and ease.

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