One of the best ways you can save money on clothing is to take advantage of deals and sales whenever possible. However, if you neglect to treat these bargain finds with care, you will likely have to replace them sooner than expected. The good news is that extending the life of your apparel doesn’t have to mean hours of work, though it does require some planning and effort. Here are a few tricks you should have up your sleeve to ensure that your garments will last for three years or even longer.

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Follow the instructions

The number one reason an item gets ruined in the wash is failure to read the labels. These tags were included by the manufacturer to serve as your guide so make sure to follow them. Some of the common laundry instructions you’ll encounter include: machine wash (normal, cold, permanent press, warm, hot, or delicate), tumble dry (low, medium, or high heat), bleach (non-chlorine only or when necessary), dry flat, spot clean only, and so on. You may refer to this Which? article to know more about the symbols.

Take immediate action

When any of your clothes get soiled by food or other things, you should clean them right away. Do not wait as it would only allow the stains to settle into the cloth, and you might no longer be able to remove them later. This is especially true for coloured drinks and greasy foods. The same could even be said for mascara and other cosmetic products. Be mindful about using bleach or dry cleaning solvent as it may ruin the fabric dye.

Shop for quality

When you have the choice to purchase new stuff, opt for those that are naturally durable. Some products are much longer-lasting than others. For instance, blends tend to be sturdier than the pure kinds. Also, fabrics such as suede, silk, acrylics and acetate require dry cleaning or detailed laundry instructions, which make them likely to be neglected. With all that said, if you’re a guy and are looking for quality casual clothing, buy Louie James shirts online today and enjoy both quality and style. If you play golf, these shirts are especially a good choice.

Rethink your storage

More often than not, you will need to stick your garments into a drawer or closet when not in use. It is advisable that you fold your shirts and sweaters to make them last longer as putting them on hangers can stretch them out. For seasonal items such as wool tops, take measures to protect them against moth attacks by storing or packing them with some lavender or moth balls. Place your clothing in dry and dark places so their colors will not fade as quickly or easily.

Learn sewing basics

A lot of people throw away their garments when there are small tears at the seams. That can be such a waste, especially when five minutes or less of mending could have saved it. Hence, you should learn a few techniques while you can. You don’t need to be a master seamstress to keep your button up shirts, trousers, and sweaters in order. It’s enough to know how to patch small holes and replace buttons. Even a snag on your knit top can be repaired with just a dab of clear nail polish—as you can see, it’s so easy!

There is no need to spend money on new clothes when you can keep your existing ones in great condition and enjoy them for a few years. Use these five tricks to extend the lifespan of your wardrobe and reduce your expenses.

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