With millions of websites on the Internet, hundreds of which are probably offering the same products your site does, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. While effectively using SEO and social media can help garner some attention for your website, you can also use promotional products as an effective form of advertising for your online business.

There are hundreds of items that you can print your business logo and website address on to get people’s attention. Some of the most common items used for promotional purposes are pens, t-shirts, mouse pads and coffee mugs. Here are some ways you can use promotional items to advertise your online business.

Promote Your Business Website

This is probably the most obvious way to use promotional products to promote your company. Every promotional item you give out needs to have your company’s website address on it. Smaller items should have your business logo or a distinguishing mark to identify your business, along with its website address.

Use Promotional Items That Fit Your Business

With the variety of promotional items available, you should be able to find products that will compliment your business. These items will be things that you know your customers will appreciate and use often. If your online company sells car parts, use promotional keyrings with your logo and website address on them to promote your business. Not only will your customers know who gave it to them, but others may see your information as well.


Use for Online Contests

To encourage your website visitors to sign up for email notifications or your newsletter, use promotional products as a gift for winning an online drawing or contest. Make it a product that relates to your business and make sure your business name or logo and website address appear on it. People enjoy winning things so it will encourage many of your website visitors to sign up.

Encourage Customers to Buy More

When your customers buy more than one product from your website, give them a free promotional item that relates to what they’ve bought. For instance, if you sell car accessories and a customer purchases two or more items, add one of your keyrings in with their purchase. It is a nice little freebie they can use every day with your business name and website address reminding them of where they made their purchases.

Show Loyal Customers Appreciation

For customers who buy from you frequently or for those who purchase high ticket items, reward their loyalty with a promotional gift. The item should be related to your business and try to make it fit in with their purchases. The unexpected reward will not only help promote your business, but it can help remind your customers how much their business means to you.

Most online businesses do not use promotional products to promote their companies. By doing so, you will stand out from the rest while using a well-known advertising form to promote your company and increase your online sales.

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