There are more than 130 million books published till date with varied languages. If you are a good reader, you would come across around 6000 books in your life (according to a data)! Books, they are better than people but they are like people. You meet 100 people in a day, only 10 of them are interesting and rest are monotonous and boring and only one or two from those 100 are worth remembering. You don’t have a friend to share your happiness and sorrow? Or if you do have one, but he/she is not worth sharing? Then, my dear reader BOOKS can be your best friends. They can hear you cry, watch you laugh and would not complain about your flaws!

Benefits of having a BOOK as a friend:

  • They don’t complain!
  • You can share anything to them anytime and anywhere. It will remain a secret forever J
  • They won’t disappoint you.
  • They are the permanent teachers. Every time you read a book, even of the same genre, it would leave an impact on you.
  • You can use them according to your terms and conditions. You are getting bored? Skip some pages. You don’t like one? Shift to second. You like them? Use them ‘n’ number of times.

  • You can choose your friend according to your choice! Love, philosophy, suspense, thriller, informative, biography, autobiography, fiction, satire, romance, adventure, interview, self help, health, travel, children’s, spiritual, mythological, history, poetry, math, encyclopedia, fantasy, trilogy, journals, series and the options continues! Well, in real life, who will give you these many options to choose your friends?
  • Books encourage us when we are defeated, they inspire us when we are not so much motivated, and they motivate us to do more and to achieve more when our progress is at stay.
  • Books lift a heartbroken guy out of sorrow and drama and give him a new hope.
  • Books show us a picture of our role model’s life in our mind. You read the autobiography/biography of your role model, you get a chance to live his/her life in your own mind according to your imagination.
  • Stress reduction.
  • Free learning of the Language with improved analytical thinking.
  • You become more concentrated and focused. You get a clear path.

  • Your writing skill would improve. Because, the more you read the better you can speak and write.
  • Free Entertainment, entertainment and entertainment.
  • They uninstall ignorance and install acceptance and knowledge to our lives.
  • They sharpen our intellect, add some cherry to our cake called experience and they are very honest enough, they tell you everything the writer has been through. They don’t hide anything!

And from above points, you cannot deny the fact the books are certainly the best companions to humans! Well, the question that would struck your mind is, “How may I know that a book is good or bad for me?” Well, there are many answers to this question from different perspectives. If you ask me, I would say, “Every person has his/her taste to read. If you are a beginner and want to discover what genre excites you, then start from the simplest one from any genre. Most people jump onto love and romance but, I would suggest try and select a meaningful genre.

You may select a history or a philosophical, a comic or a GK as well! Initially, it will be tough for you, but then it is said, “The harder the start, more beautiful the result!” At the initial stage, apply the trial and error method and after some time, you will surely discover your inclination. And yes, personally speaking, I suggest to begin with non-fiction because of the one simple reason that if you chose a fiction as your very first book, then you will have to test your imaginations as well as patience at the same time which would leave you in a confused state! Once, you reach a PRO level, and then you can chose fictions. Choose your choices wisely, because your choices reflect your personality!”

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