Normal shopping is made by the families by visiting the shop in a car. At the same time, in many places there is no parking facility for the vehicles. The customers will be arriving to the shop in a two wheeler, three wheeler, car, truck or any automobile. The shop should have a parking place, in case, there is no parking place, the customers should have to park in, corporation parking places, this parking place will have a big distance between shops and to the parking place. The buyer should have to walk and buy the products, apart from that, after buying the product; the product weight should have to be carried by the buyer to the car. This kind of difficulty is disliked by the buyers, at the same time; genuine shops mean the buyer is not showing a big facial for doing this job.

The wise owner of the shop is now buying an extra land for the parking. Now the shop is announcing to the customers, that the shop has a parking area for the customers. The customers are quite happy to park their vehicle and could buy the product and take them to their car, easily. This way the capacity of the customers is increasing. However, the car and vehicle parking is bringing additional business for a shopping mall.

The shop should have a parking place this is a basic requirement of the shop, at the same time, in a big city it is hard to find a space for the shop, later the shop will be running without a parking place. Once the shop is successful in selling the goods, any other next shop will not get big business, the reason is the customer is requesting the shop owner to stock all the necessary products, the owner is buying and stocking them. In that case, the shop which has stocked the same products will not get the business because they are nearby to the prime shop which is helping the customers to buy all the products at their shop.

This way, one shop will find success, similarly the other shop will have to face failure in the business, this way the shop will not be interested to do the business in the same area, will be moving to the next area, the space is occupied by the shop which is required for the car parking for the prime shop, this way a business will be improved, a business will be transferring the business to the next area.

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