Do you remember the first video game you ever played? It probably blew your mind and had you hooked right away. A lot of Americans had the pleasure of playing their first video game when Nintendo came to be. Games like Super Mario and Duck Hunt were household staples for millions of kids and adults. Something about a plumber eating mushrooms and rescuing princesses named after fruit really got their attention.

Video games have morphed into a massive part of human culture. With millions of possible ideas and storylines, it seems the gaming industry will never cease to come to a stop. There are first person shooters, role playing, and “sandbox games”, which allow the user to create their own lands and experiences in a virtual world. There are even leagues of these gamers who compete on an enormous stage with people from all over the world for big time cash prizes and legendary status amongst the gaming community. It is pretty amazing how far this culture has come and how it has connected people from all parts of the globe.

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To think it all started with something as simple as Pong makes you wonder what kind of games there will be in another couple of decades. What is interesting about this evolution is the amount of gaming consoles that now exist today. You can go out to a store or look online for any console that has ever existed, much to the delight of those who no longer have their original Nintendo. While those consoles are available at a decent price, the tag on some of the newest systems seems to carry a higher price with each new release. If you want to keep up with the times and get yourself the most advanced piece of gaming tech, your best bet is to pick up some of these Groupon coupons for Kmart and save some money on the undoubtedly lofty bill. Be advised, you may become addicted to your shiny new piece of technology and anger your significant other with the sudden lack of attention. Or even worse, you might soon find yourself in love with a virtual partner.

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