Noida, one of India’s fastest developing cities, has been attracting youths from all over the country due to its offerings in terms of career prospects. Many MNCs have established their offices in this city. The huge working population of Noida has made the city top in per capita income within the entire National Capital Region.

Due to high disposable income, most celebrations, especially weddings, are usually lavish here. Since the residents do not settle for anything mediocre, there is always a good demand for great wedding photographers in the city. There are many talented photographers in Noida who specialize in both traditional and candid photography. Here we have listed a few such candid wedding photographers who can transform any shot into a piece of art. Read on…..

The Perfect Exposure: The young and dedicated team of The Perfect Exposure personifies three ‘C’s – Clean, Creative, and Crisp. Masters in wedding photojournalism, their cameras’ viewfinders always look for a story, which they weave seamlessly by incorporating different elements from the fore and backgrounds, reflections and silhouettes. Their ability to observe things from a different perspective results in unique images, which their clientele love to cherish for life. The photographers here even help their clients to overcome camera-shyness and suggest poses which would look natural on films. They are equally adept in creating dramatic effects in night photography with the help of diffused lighting.


Glimpse Studios: For the team at Glimpse Studios, photographs are the tools of memorizing tender little moments, which people tend to forget in the hustle and bustle of their daily lives. They understand the importance of continuous learning and always strive to push their boundaries in the process of capturing great imagery.  Photography is the medium of expression for them and they make every image tell a story, which everyone would love to listen to.

Kulbeer Arora Photography: Well known photographer Kulbeer Arora considers himself a sketch artist who had lost his pencil only to find a camera to express his talent. A thorough professional, Kulbeer takes utmost effort in understanding his clients’ vision and even suggests recommendations to bring out the best. He makes sure to cover every individual present, each ritual performed and all emotions flowing during a wedding ceremony. That is why, he boasts of a satisfied pool of clientele, who never stops acknowledging his craft.

The Wedding Date: When renowned travel photographer Aman Chotani teamed up with a few fellow professional photographers, The Wedding Date was formed. This team loves to shoot weddings, since apart from being fun, the plethora of emotions prevailing in such occasions calls for great storytelling. They vow to capture the most beautiful images and present them in a fairy tale format, which their clients can always cherish.

Puneet Batra Photography: Puneet Batra has been in the business of photography for four years now. However, his passion for the craft is quite old. An active blogger, Puneet is extremely knowledgeable about photography and excels in capturing beautiful moments of his clients in the most stunning way possible. No wonder, with each assignment, he gains another 100% satisfied client, whose appreciation means more than any trophy for him.

The above list of candid wedding photographers in Noida will help you find your perfect match in the city. However, if you need more info or want to check their rates, please visit

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