When you love everything about pop culture, comics, video games, and more, you may find yourself unable to ignore the temptation of starting a collection. Over decades, you moved from one collection to another, from Pokémon cards and figures to board games. Today, there is a new trend to obsess about and you can use it to show off your interest in almost any show, movie, game or comic. Vinyl figures have exploded in popularity over the last several years and you can now find figures from almost any work, whether it has a cult following or worldwide attention. If you are unsure why these figures are your next step in expressing your love of all things nerdy, you need only ask yourself why you love those things in the first place.

Collect Your Favourite Characters

With over a thousand different figures to choose from, you have a high chance of discovering figures from your favourite shows, comics, and more. If you love the show Supernatural, for example, you can collect the entire main cast and a selection of the monsters they fight with little more than some searching online. No one is out of bounds, and you may be surprised to learn how many options are available when you search through pop vinyl in Australia. No matter what you love, you are sure to find a figure to pay homage to that love, and your friends will express their envy when they see your find.

Vinyl Action Figures


Traditional figures of characters come with a large ticket price, leaving your wallet empty after just one purchase. Avid collectors save their money for months, sometimes years, just to get a coveted figure to complete a collection. At comic conventions and other events, these prices only get higher, making it nearly impossible for the casual collector to keep up. Vinyl figures are less than £20 apiece, meaning you can afford several for the price of just one traditional figure. For the collector on a budget, this is perfect, allowing him or her to fill his or her space with his or her favourite characters without emptying the wallet or stretching his or her budget.

Perfect for Any Location

Vinyl figures are adorable as their unique design makes even Freddy Kruger appear soft around the edges and fun to look at. This makes them perfectly suited to almost any location. You can decorate your office space, add something interesting to your computer desk, or keep your locker at school relevant and attractive. These relatively small figures are a great addition to any location and they indicate your interests without going overboard or being too eye-catching. Of course, this may cease to be true if you pack your office with a dozen of them, but to each his or her own.

Meet New People

Vinyl figures are a way to tell people what your interests are without having to start the conversation on your own. You may place a figure from your favourite movie in your office only to discover that the pretty young woman three cubicles down also considers that character her favourite. These figures help you start conversations, make connections, and forge new friendships. These collections may yet change your life for the better.

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