One of the most loved haircuts by today’s ultra modern women around the world is short haircut. Short hair cut is never out of fashion. This cut is one of the most easiest and stylish way to carry your gorgeous hair. One can create more than a hundred types of hair dos with short hair. They not only look good but are also easy on maintenance. One can look dramatic with short hair and can also create a classic look. If teamed up appropriately, you can look absolutely stunning and gorgeous in short hair. Elegant attire and minimal & appropriate jewellery will add on to the glam look.

Usually hair can be of various sizes but on a broad scale they can be classified into the following categories:

  1. Short hair
  2. Medium hair
  3. Long hair

Whatever is the length of your hair, make sure they are maintained properly, because ill maintained hair is always a strict no-no. And moreover it doesn’t require a fortune to maintain one’s hair nor needs it hours of work to maintain one’s hair well. Just a regular shampooing followed by a good conditioning is good enough to maintain the natural texture and goodness of one’s hair.short haircuts for women

Though occasional oiling our hair with good enriched oil will do no harm instead it will provide much needed extra and deep conditioning to your hair. Also a visit to a hair spa to treat yourself with your own time is added pampering to your hair, which is always a welcome step.

These days there is a trend of going out of the way and getting a unique hair style to suit one’s likings and personality. These haircuts are as unique as each woman. And this creates a huge array of short haircuts for black women. Let us see some of the trendiest short haircuts of these days:

↠        Short curly – Afro Look: Renew your confidence with this Afro look. Though it is a vintage styling of hair but it gives a boost to the very contemporary woman of today. Carry this hair do with appropriate accessories and attire and you are ready to grab everyone’s attention, where ever you go.

↠        Curly hair with semi braids: Braids have been there since ages, but getting them in selective style will create freshness to your personality. These braids, when done on curly hair create a stylish persona of you. One can go with either light braids or opt for tight braid, choice is all yours. Depending on the occasion and your mood, make more options of various braids.

↠        Dark Straight short hairs: At times simplicity is the key word. And straight short hair cut can bring much need freshness to the personality and give a more organised look.

↠        Dreads: An amazing look for a black woman. This is one of the oldest styles and can bring back the olden days. Though the person who tries this style gives a clear style statement about them and is considered one of the modern styles of today.

↠        Short curly bob cut: this looks best on confident women with a round face. This goes well with natural curls and needs minimal maintenance. Women, who interact and communicate with influential people, carry this look with much poise.haircuts for women

↠        Simple Afro Retro Look:  What best then to try out the Afro-Retro look? This is one of the most effective hair styles of all times. It is one of the simple hairstyle and you can incorporate various styles into it, giving it a new look every time you go out. This look is sure to get all eyes on you.

↠        Bob dreads: With the advent of hair colours in our daily lives, age old dreads can be done with different variations. But the two colour look is the most preferred one. Women with fight features carry this look with much ease and confidence. Attending special parties with this look is sure to grab a lot of praises.

↠        Complete short beautiful hair: Out of the all hair styles mentioned above, this is the easiest hair style and easy to carry hair. As these are very short in length, it makes it so easy to maintain. If themed well with your confidence, poise and dignity, it will take you places.

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